The most Common Oven Settings, Symbols and Functions found in Australia

Dejan Josipovic

When you don't understand your oven symbols representing the different oven functions, you can't make the most of your oven and many great home cooks miss out on the best results with their baking and cooking. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different symbols to represent these settings. However, there are around fifteen main settings that are universal. Once you know these, you can decipher many more, which are a mixture of multiple heating elements and fans. We have put together a simple yet practical guide for Australians on Australia's most common oven symbols. It will take out the guesswork of deciphering those little symbols on your oven.

Conventional Oven Setting

The conventional setting symbol is two straight lines, one at the bottom and one at the top which means that the bottom and top heating element will radiate heat at the same time.

Bottom/Lower Oven Setting

The symbol for the bottom, sometimes also referred to as the lower oven setting, is a single line at the bottom. This means that the bottom heating element will produce the heat only.

Top/Upper Oven Setting

The symbol for the top, sometimes also referred to as the upper oven setting, is a single line at the top. This means that the top heating element will produce the heat only.

Pizza or Low Heat Oven Setting

The symbol for the pizza or low heat oven setting is an oven fan forced fan and lower heating element which means that the heat will be produced at the base of the oven and pushed around the oven cavity by the fan.

Fan Forced Oven Setting

The symbol of the fan forced setting is a fan inside a circle. A fan forced oven has a heating element around the fan to circulate and distribute heat evenly. This allows for a faster cooking time, even temperature and a decrease in energy consumption. If your oven has this setting it will be your go to setting and the one that is used the most.

Fan Forced Grill Setting

The symbol for the fan forced grill setting is a fan with a zig zag line above it. In this setting, the fan and the grill element will operate at the same time. The fan’s function is to spread the grill’s heat.

Full Grill Setting

The symbol for the full grill setting is a zigzag line on the top which can sometimes also be represented by a double zigzag line. This setting uses the entire grill of the oven.

Half Grill Setting

The symbol for the half grill setting is half a zig zag when compared to the full grill setting which means that only half of the grill element will produce heat. Keep in mind that you will need to place your food in the correct spot which is usually in the center of the oven.

Defrost Oven Setting

The symbol for the defrost setting is a snowflake with a water drip below it. This is the most underused oven function and will reduce your defrosting time. The oven does not produce heat on this setting as it only circulates room temperature air.

Oven Light Setting

The symbol for the oven light is a light globe with dots around it symbolizing light. Most ovens in Australia cook with the light always on so this function is mainly used when cleaning or prepping the oven.

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