Four features every electric oven must have

Dejan Josipovic

Looking for an oven and unsure what features to look for? This is common for most people looking at new ovens available on the market. We recommend that your new potential oven, at the minimum, has the following four features that every baking and cooking enthusiast needs to have in their oven. These will allow you to get the best out of your purchase.

Fan-Forced Function

You might have seen this feature somewhere – an icon with a fan symbol on it on your oven’s settings knob. A fan-forced oven function is an important feature, which is different from a fan-assisted setup. Fan-forced ovens have a back panel fan surrounded by a heating element. The heating element creates hot air and is circulated by the fan during the cooking process. This allows for an even distribution of heat across all the racks and shelves.

Fan-assisted, on the other hand, have a fan on the back panel but the heating elements are limited at the top and bottom. They create better airflow but are much gentler. Using an oven with fan-forced feature allows you to bake in batches more evenly, which is great for roasting, tray bakes and slow-cooking.

Telescopic Oven Racks

This feature is a matter of safety and a quality of life feature for you. Telescopic oven racks allow for the racks to be pulled out of the cooking area through the use of rails. Telescopic oven racks may seem to be a lazy man’s add-on, but ask anyone who has them and they’ll never buy an oven online without this feature. Why? It allows you to check the food’s cook status without having to put your hand on a hot 250 Degree Celsius oven. It also prevents any possible spillage of your food when trying to pick it up. How many times have you spilled your casserole or wasted a Lamington because the rack drooped sideways? Too many.

Triple Glazed Doors

Triple glazed doors are another safety feature that you should never do without, especially if you have children and pets who go around the kitchen. Ovens with triple glazing have the oven’s door glass cool and are safer if touched. This minimises the possibility of getting burned from hitting the glass accidentally, especially for under bench built in ovens that are below eye level. This add-on will save you and your family from any accidental burns, which makes it a must-have.

Digital Timer

Having a digital timer for an oven feature is another quality of life feature that you need. A lot of us are busy people who don’t have time to look over an oven constantly whilst it cooks for 2 to 3 hours. A digital timer saves us the trouble of overcooking, undercooking or even forgetting we have something cooking. Digital timers, also known as programmable timers, are accurate and specific, with additionally helpful sub-features like alarms, “time bake” delay cooking times and end cooking times. This means your food cooks perfectly exactly when you want it cooked.

Getting the Right Oven Features

In conclusion, the four must-have oven features are fan-forced feature, telescopic racks, triple-glazed doors and the digital timer function. There are many other useful oven features which are useful depending on what type of cooking you do, but having these four must-have oven features will make sure you have a good, safe time baking and cooking with your oven.

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