How to Choose the Right Size Dishwasher for Your Home

Dejan Josipovic

Talk of the unsung heroes of modern living and a dishwasher will likely be part of your conversation. No need to waste your elbow grease scrubbing dishes after dinner - load up the appliance, press a few buttons and voilà! Clean dishes in no time. Perhaps you're googling for dishwasher deals in Australia? In that case, check out The Appliance Guys - our prices are unbeatable, and so is the quality of our appliances.

If you plan to invest in a dishwasher, one issue might weigh heavily on your mind - "what size is ideal for me?" you wonder. To help you find the perfect unit, let's explore some key variables to consider.

Available Space

Choosing the right-size dishwasher requires careful thought. Space considerations should play a major role in this decision, as you must ensure enough space for a dishwasher to fit comfortably.

Additionally, consider the nearby countertop and how much space will be available after acquiring the dishwasher. It is also helpful to check the dishwasher's dimensions to ensure it fits the open space. Standard-size dishwashers measure 24" by 24" by 35" (L x W x H). You may also get larger or smaller variants from various manufacturers.

Alternatively, measure the space under your counter and consider the dishwashers that would fit underneath. While at it, leave some allowance on each side to ensure a proper fit.

To easily access the interior of your dishwasher, ensure it has enough distance from the wall - two inches for corner locations. This provides sufficient space to stand in front of the sink when you open its door.

Design Features

A bare-bones dishwasher is perfect for simple household needs. However, you may need additional features to make light work of cleaning chores. As a result, the following conveniences may tickle your fancy:

  • Racks for loading more dishes and silverware.
  • Delay start timer - when you want to delay the machine's start time.
  • Child lock to prevent your little ones from tampering with the settings.
  • Half-load setting - for days when you don't have a full load of dishes.
  • Wash zones for washing dishes in the upper and lower racks separately or sprucing up delicate items.
  • Heated drier to get rid of spots, streaks and watermarks
  • Sanitize setting for killing germs and bacteria.
  • Height-adjustable racks for odd-shaped or oversized dishes.
  • Food disposals - great at breaking down solid food particles.

And that's not all. You can choose other additional features depending on your needs. Nonetheless, the more bells and whistles you add, the more you should expect to pay.


Mostly, your household size will determine your desired dishwasher's capacity. For instance, a family of three will require a smaller capacity than a family of seven. However, a larger unit may suffice if you entertain frequently or have the occasional large dinner party. In short, ensure the appliance you choose matches your needs – no need to invest in a unit with excess or wasteful capacity.

Also, consider the types and sizes of dishes you regularly use. If you plan to use bigger pots and pans, you'll need a dishwasher with a larger capacity. Conversely, a smaller unit might suffice if you only wash the occasional plate or mug.


The cost of dishwashers varies significantly and usually depends on their capacity, features, construction, and finish. Standard dishwashers with basic features start from about $400, while a decent one may cost around $700-$3,500.

Case in point, a stainless steel dishwasher with a food disposer and multiple cleaning options may cost $1,000 or more. Still, we need to consider that some retailers stock low-cost models. You may luck out and get a perfectly functional unit for less than the going rate. It may not be a name-brand unit, but if it does its thing, you’re good to go.

While considering the price, have your budget in mind. There's no point splurging on a unit whose features you'll not need. You can also make do with a basic model if you're financially strained. And while that may imply a few extra washes or a few features, it's superior to doing your dishes by hand, no?

Energy Efficiency

While considering the size of your desired dishwasher, factor energy efficiency into your equation. Look out for machines with an Energy Star label, as they are rated to use less energy than the average dishwasher. As such, these machines can help reduce your water and electricity bills without compromising cleaning performance.


What's the point of choosing the right-size dishwasher if other users are unhappy with its performance? Thus, read reviews of potential models before you decide. By so doing, you can gain insight into the unit's overall performance.

If you notice some quirks you can live with, then go ahead and make the purchase. But if the unit typically fails after some time or doesn't meet other customers' expectations, it might be preferable to look for alternative makes or models. Even if the model in question comes with a warranty, it might fail right after it expires, leaving you stranded. In short, the more pros a unit has, the greater its potential to make your life much easier.


Are peace and tranquillity of utmost importance in your household? If so, consider quiet or silent dishwasher models. Some units produce a mere 45dB, which is equivalent to the noise made by a background conversation.

If you prefer library-level quietness, opt for dishwashers with ratings of 38dB - the quietest you can find. Also, note that units with stainless steel tubs will be quieter than those with plastic tubs, as the former tends to absorb vibration better than the latter.

The process of buying the right-size dishwasher is easier than it may first appear. And as we've pointed out, it requires forethought and some legwork. But hey, isn't it worth it? After all, you'll be doing yourself a favour by reducing the number of hours you'd otherwise spend toiling in the kitchen. Meanwhile, explore our collection of dishwashers at to find the perfect unit for your den.


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