Why is my washing machine leaking?

Dejan Josipovic

Why is my washing machine leaking?

Have you noticed a puddle of water coming from your washing machine? Are you concerned that your whole laundry is going to flood? Well, have no fear, The Appliance Guys appliance repair team can get this issue sorted out for you immediately, but first, we need them to uncover where the leak is coming from and see if there is something that could be a quick fix. In summary, here are the common reasons why washing machines may leak.

    1. Worn & Damaged Door Seal
    2. Defective Water Supply Hoses
    3. Defective Water Drain Hoses
    4. Internal Components

First, you want to determine where the leak is coming from and ensure it is not just water from a spill. To determine this:

    1. Wipe the water on the floor.
    2. Run a wash cycle like normal.
    3. Check back, under and behind the washer for puddles.

If you find a water puddle again, check for the common issues below to ensure it is not an easy fix, such as cleaning the seal or replacing a simple hose. We can send out a professional washing machine repair technician to take care of any simple or complex washing machine repairs.

Worn & Damaged Door Seal

A common cause of the washing machine leaking is that the door seal is worn out, damaged or dirty. If it is as simple as the seal being dirty, try cleaning it by wiping down the seal to remove the excess debris. If this does not work, you may need to replace the seal, which will need to be done by one of our professional washing machine technicians.

Defective Water Supply Hoses

It is a good idea to look behind the washing machine for the water supply hoses to see if they are damaged or leaking. Next, check the hoses themselves for any leaks, cracks or rips. Any damage or wear to the hot or cold washing machine inlet hose must be replaced. However, if you have discovered the inlet hoses are in good condition, tighten the connections and start a cycle. If you see the connections leaking, the washers or filters in the inlet hoses need to be replaced.

Defective Water Drain Hose

There may be a situation where the leak comes from the drain pipe itself. After checking that the drainpipe is securely attached, you should check that there are no splits or breaks in the drain hose that comes out of the washing machine. If you find no cracks, kinks, or splits, you can start a cycle to test again. However, if you find the outlet hose defective, in most cases, it will need to be done by one of our professional washing machine technicians.

Internal Components

Once you try all of the above and you can't see any leaks, you may find the leak coming from inside the washing machine. We do not recommend you take a look inside the washing machine by unscrewing the access panel on the back. If you notice any leaks, it is a good idea to contact a professional washing machine specialist so they can come out and correctly diagnose the issue and complete a repair.

Is it time to consider a new Washing Machine?

Does your washing machine sound like it is getting ready to take off just as a plane prepares to take off? Even though it is still hanging in there, it is not as efficient as newer energy and water consumption models. Many new laundry appliances are designed to last a lifetime, but if your current washing machine is guilty of any of the above, it may be time to upgrade. We recommend that you speak to our appliance specialists and discuss repair vs new washing machine options.

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