How to Buy Appliances While Saving Money

Dejan Josipovic

Which approach do you use when shopping for home appliances? Let's see - you probably keep your ear on the ground waiting for your favorite retail store selling appliances online to announce a deal. Then, you pop over to the store, listen to the salesman's advice about all the cool features, close the deal, and voila! You're done.

However, if this is your approach, you could miss some serious money-saving opportunities. The Appliance Guys believe you can go about it differently and make smarter choices. Best of all, your wallet will thank you for it. Here're some tips to help you shop like a pro while saving more:

Do a Bit of Digging

Before you hit the retail brick and mortar stores or go online, check out reviews and ratings of the appliance you have in mind. Compare different models and brands so you can make an informed decision. There's nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a product bound to give you buyer's remorse.

And in terms of pricing, visit a store with the knowledge of the exact appliance costs elsewhere. That way, you can ask for discounts or negotiate better deals with the store owner or salesperson.

Also, determine the features you need and the ones you don't. By doing so, you can decide which model is the most suitable for your situation. Bear in mind that more bells and whistles usually imply a product will be pricier.

Is a newer version of your preferred product coming up? The retailer would be eager to see the current models out the door to make room for the new ones! You can get a good deal on the existing model and save more. So, it doesn't hurt to do your homework first.

Shop at the Right Time

The urge to replace or acquire a new appliance can be irresistible. But, if you're willing to wait for the right time, you can save some cash. The best time to buy appliances is around the holidays or winter when retailers are desperate to clear off their stores.

For instance, Easter, Australia Day, Christmas, Black Friday, and Labour Day are prime examples of when you can get good discounts. You can snag some of these deals online, meaning you don't need to brave the crowds or wait in long lines.

In short, patience is vital when buying major appliances. Check your favorite stores during the said occasions or times of the year; who knows; you could land the deal of a lifetime.

Do the Math

Besides giving details on the appliance specs, price tags should also give you a sense of its potential running costs. For instance, check the energy consumption rating of a refrigerator you like and compare it with other models.

Typically, highly efficient appliances will cost more upfront but can help you save on energy bills in the long run. As such, take a few extra minutes to do some calculations, and you could save a lot more than you expected.

Make Price Matching Your Best Friend

Price matching is an excellent way to get what you want without breaking the bank. Many stores have price matching policies allowing them to match a competitor's price. If you find a lower price at another store, the retailer will match it, and you can buy the product from the store you prefer.

The trick is to let the store know the appliance you're looking for while ensuring they have access to their competitor's pricing. By doing so, you can land lucrative savings without doing all the legwork.

Home in on The Warranty Details

Most manufacturers offer warranties for their appliances. Some offer extended warranties lasting up to 3 to 5 years or more. For instance, a fridge's compressor might have a 10-year warranty, while some parts might only be covered for a year. Thus, when shopping for appliances, ask about the warranty details to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

However, don't take the warranty at face value, as not all are created equal. As such, evaluate the details of a service contract (extended warranty) as it could mean paying more for the product.

Find out what the warranty covers, its duration, and how to proceed with the claim. Sometimes, it might not be worth it. But, if the product is costly and you think it might need repairs, the extended warranty might come in handy. That said, before signing on the dotted line, find out if the store offers more attractive packages.

Look into Trade-in Options

You can always negotiate with the store to get a great deal. If you already have an appliance needing replacement, inquire about the store's trade-in policy, as it could help you save up to 20% or more. As such, check the appliances qualifying for this offer while looking into other restrictions.

Also, ask if they offer rebates or discounts for disposing of your old appliances. If they do, you can save cash while doing your bit to conserve the environment!

Alternatively, take it upon yourself to sell your old appliance. You can use resale sites such as eBay, Craigslist, MyDeal, and OfferUp, or even put it up on a yard or garage sale. Doing this will help you get rid of the old appliance and bring in some extra cash to purchase a new item.

Go for an Appliance Package

Okay, this might only work for some, but if you're remodeling a room and need multiple products, why not buy them as a package? Appliance packages, especially those offered by the same brand, can help you save a bundle. That's because the store might provide you with a discount or two. So, if you're after a refrigerator and stove for your kitchen or a washer and dryer for your laundry room, consider getting them as a package deal.

Also, you can save more by looking out for promotions or special deals on said packages. These offers include free delivery and installation. Besides, you create a cohesive space with matching and up-to-date appliances.

Dwell on the basics when buying appliances. At The Appliance Guys, we offer hard-to-beat prices on all your favorite appliances - cookers, dishwashers, microwaves - you name it. Check out our product line at to get top-tier products and save money. After all, being a power shopper is about covering all your bases.


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