Sirius' Rangehoods now available at The Appliance Guys

Dejan Josipovic

Our category team at The Appliance Guys have expanded the premium rangehood range offering with the introduction of rangehoods manufactured by Sirius.

Sirius specialises in the field of residential air purification and ventilation, more specifically in quality domestic rangehoods. It was the first company in its field to anticipate the new applications of living in the contemporary kitchen environment, by investing in, creating, and introducing to the market absolute innovations: the aluminum motor in 1997; downdrafts, ceiling hoods, and the collaboration with the ceramic masters of Deruta for the production of entirely hand-made products.

  • 1997 the FIRST one to use the aluminum motor
  • 2005 the FIRST one to market the downdraft hood
  • 2007 the FIRST one to market the ceiling hood
  • 2014 the FIRST one to create range hoods in ceramic
  • 2019 the FIRST one to market a new concept of hood

New concepts were translated into market-successful items through the technical and manufacturing expertise of a company with a vigilant and dynamic approach to business.

This ability to turn brilliant ideas into products by combining creativity, manufacturing, and marketing has helped the company to continually grow and become the European market leader in high-end ornamental cooker hoods in a short period of time. These items are meticulously manufactured in Italy, with a 90 percent export rate that accounts for a high penetration of the worldwide market while maintaining a cautious financial and structural equilibrium.

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